Branding & Identity, Packaging


I was engaged by multinational foods company Cargill, through IDEO, to begin work on a new calorie free, all natural sweetener they were developing. My work included creating a series of ‘brand stories’, each with a unique positioning, design look and feel, logos, overall mood boards and sample packaging. Over some time, these concepts were tested with consumers and packaged food producers, and this early work evolved into what is now Truvia brand sweetener. Many of my early concepts and naming conventions are still evident in the brand we now see on shelf.

Say hello to ERIO.

The world’s first all natural, zero calorie, diabetic safe sweetener. We’re guessing from the very first time you taste it, you’ll become fast friends. So much to do and enjoy together – but don’t get the wrong idea – Erio offers real substance too. It’s made from Erythritol, which comes from nature – it’s the stuff that makes fruit and vegetables tasty and sweet, and flower pollen something bees just can’t get enough of – so it tastes just like sugar – without the worry and guilt of artificial sweeteners.

Pretty cool – huh? All thanks to ERIO (and Mother Nature).

The purity of nothing.

That’s the beauty of _ERO. _ERO is made from Erythritol, a natural ingredient found in fruits and vegetables, so it tastes like sugar with zero calories, zero aftertaste, and zero artificial ingredients. So you can enjoy pure natural sweetness with zero guilt and zero worry. Who says says something can’t come from nothing?

Welcome to the world of _ERO.

An all-natural sugar substitute that wouldn’t lose its taste whether you stirred it into a glass of iced tea or baked it into a loaf of banana bread.

And it should contain nothing artificial, nothing fake. That way, everything you prepared was pure and guilt-free. It’s finally here. Introducing TRU – the first truly all-natural sweetener. It’s made from Erythritol, which is naturally found in fruits and vegetables, so it tastes like sugar without the calories, and without the harmful side effects of synthetic sweeteners.

TRU. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.